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Crediting British Film Editors members: Our “ BFE” post-nominal

Updated: Jan 19

We encourage production companies to support our professional editing association by including our post-nominal when crediting our full members on screen and in publicity materials.

We carefully choose which editors are given full membership. Only editors with two or more credits as the editor of a film distributed to cinemas or available on a streaming service, or editors credited with editing at least five hours of television are allowed to join British Film Editors as Full Members, and only Full Members are allowed to use our post-nominal.

Our post-nominal: adding ” BFE” after the editor’s name.

For example, to credit Zeb Achonu, please use

Zeb Achonu BFE

Please don’t include a comma between the name and “BFE”:

Zeb Achonu, BFE

Here is an example of when Theo Goble BFE was credited by the BBC for his work on ‘Masterchef Season 17’ from Endemol Shine UK for BBC1:

It is fine for these to be in a slightly smaller size - but no smaller than the X-height of the typeface being used (the height of the lower case x).

Here’s how Lindsey Dillon-Massey BFE was credited on ‘The Syndicate’ from Rollem Productions for BBC1:

In some cases our members are also members of other professional associations - who have a different nominal rules. American Cinema Editors members uses “, ACE” for example.

If possible, use “ BFE” first:

Editor Name BFE, ACE

However “, BFE” after other nominals is fine:

Editor Name, ACE, BFE

We look forward to celebrating more of our members credits in TV and film productions.

Most broadcasters and streaming services allow the use of professional industry post-nominals. For example, the BBC include this information in their guide to building end-credits sequences in TV programmes and films that they broadcast and stream:

professional or academic qualifications should not normally be included in credits (or captions) unless they are relevant to the circumstances in which the person appears.

BFE post-nominal examples

Jurassic World Dominion - Universal Pictures · Amblin Entertainment
Dispatches: Hunt for Ukraine's Stolen Children - Channel Four · Basement Films

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