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From the Editor:

First Frame is the BFE’s biannual magazine that aims to support and push the craft of editing forward. Its content ranges from the detail-oriented celebration of a specific edit to the broader aspects of the reality of working as an assistant editor or editor in today’s fluid professional landscape.

Typically the magazine would include a selection of the latest stories on the craft and article submissions from members and editors from all over the world. The BFE has created strong personal and professional links with our counterparts in the US (ACE) and Canada (CCE), something to be celebrated in First Frame.

The magazine features interviews with world-class editors and original editorials and articles from myself, magazine editor Alan Miller. I’m shamelessly mining my 37 years of experience in the cutting rooms to shed light on some aspects of the job and the business. But mine is only one point of view and for a magazine representing the BFE, I’m very keen for others to add their experiences.

First Frame aims to mirror the diversity in our industry by encouraging those with personal stories to communicate them in print for the benefit of all members. The experience of editors of all nationalities is of interest to storytellers everywhere and if editors are anything, they are storytellers. Everyone has a story to tell. First Frame is waiting for yours. With the BFE going from strength to strength, I hope - as a member of the BFE - you can add your unique light to the sum of light. There are empty pages just waiting for your contribution.

Stay safe and help me celebrate one of the best jobs in the business... All good things,


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