A shortlist of 5 finalists will be agreed by a sub-committee of BFE governors. At least 2 Breakthrough Editor finalists will be BFE members*see note. The five finalists for the Breakthrough Editor Award and the  five finalists for the Assistant Editor Award will be announced between Feb 8th and 15th. The winner of these 2 awards will be chosen by 2 juries. The Breakthrough Editor Award jury will be chaired by Chris Wyatt and the Assistant Editor Award will be chaired by StJohn O'Rorke. The juries will base their decision on interviews with the finalists and with their nominators.


*Note: I should explain and apologise for confusion in the selection criteria for The Chris Crookall Breakthrough Editor Award. This award was intended for an up and coming BFE member but this was not explained clearly and lots of non-BFE members were nominated. This mistake was a consequence of this being our inaugural BFE Awards and in the flurry of activity there was a lack of attention to detail - by me. I'm very sorry for any confusion caused. We decided that the best solution is to guarantee at least two BFE members will be finalists. Part of the BFE mission statement is to nurture younger members and where possible to champion the work of all our members. Next year the award criteria will clearly state that Breakthrough Editor is for BFE members only. Confusious said, 'better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without'. I hope you can embrace the flaw in the diamond! 

Ferg McGrath