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Born and raised in Bellshill, Scotland loving all forms of Storytelling but particularly scripted television and film. At 15 I moved to New Zealand and it was there that I went to Film School and got into the industry as an Assistant Editor in 2013. Worked on a great deal of NZ TV and film as well as some international projects like "Ash vs Evil Dead", "Guns Akimbo" and "Outlander" (As and Assistant or VFX Editor) plus action feature film "Northspur" and fantasy series "AFK" (As Editor) before eventually moving back to the UK in 2020.

I live with my wife and three kids and love stories, Scotland, a good Novel and taking care of my garden.

Currently working at Axis Studios based out of Glasgow and while cutting short films and looking forward to many more storytelling adventures back home in Europe.

Jack Brown
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