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I have a decade of experience editing scripted film and TV projects. From humble beginnings on low budget shorts and features, I worked my way up to cutting several award winning and theatrically released feature films. In 2017 I edited ‘In Another Life ‘ which won Best UK Feature at Raindance and the Discovery Award at BIFA, and then went on to work with director Jason Wingard again on ensemble comedy ‘Eaten By Lions’ which secured a 4 week run in multiplex theatres throughout the country and got 4* reviews from major newspapers including the Guardian.

In 2019 I turned my attention to gaining TV experience and worked on S2 of popular CBBC series ‘Creeped Out’ working with directors Lucy Campbell and Gareth Tunley. The show was awarded the BAFTA for Best Children’s Drama. I then went on to work with Gareth again on a 4 part drama for Channel 5, ‘Cold Call’ starring Sally Lindsey, which averaged 1.2m ratings for Channel 5.

I bring passion, integrity and a love of filmmaking to every job I do. My goal on any project is to absorb the DNA of the story we are trying to tell, gaining an encyclopaedic knowledge of the show so that I can offer up creative solutions to any issues that might arise. Having spent a few years in a previous life as an Avid Certified Trainer, I have deep technical knowledge of software and workflows. But whilst I know where all the buttons are, I am more than just a button pusher. I want to contribute as a storyteller, using structure and style to better engage the audience and reflect the characters journeys.

Andrew McKee
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