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Why do we ask for

Diversity and Inclusion Information?

D&I is a sensitive topic but we feel that it is important to us to be transparent in BFE’s endeavours to ensure that our practices and decisions meet the commitment to diversity and inclusion set out by our own members and Board of Governors.


 If you’re wondering what benefits there are to us to have this sort of information we have listed them below 


  • It offers a safe, confidential way of listening to our members

  • Research shows that more inclusive organisations are more engaged, creative and successful

  • Gathering and analysing data allows us to attempt to remove bias and increase opportunities for the whole membership

  • With data on the split of our membership, we are able to apply for funding to put towards helping those who need it in our membership


It is for these reasons that we ask you to complete the D&I questionnaire. We welcome any questions or observations based on the above to


Please be assured that the information collected is anonymous and confidential and will only be used for membership reporting.   


Thank you for taking the time to help improve our organisation.


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